Review on Cadillac XTS Specifications and the Price Tagged on Its 2017 Model

2017 cadillac xts for sale

Sure, Cadillac’s name has been something familiar to hear in the auto world. It is the brand of the oldest luxury-car manufacturer after all. Of all kinds of Cadillac car, this time let’s focus on Cadillac XTS here. There are various Cadillac XTS specifications you have to take a note here. They make this 4-door sedan highly worth to pay attention to. After that, we will tell you the price tagged on it and see whether it is reasonable one or not by considering all the things you get from this sedan here.

The Specifications of the XTS Model

Speaking about this car’s specifications, let’s start from its look then. As you know, it is sedan with 4 doors on. It actually has pretty handsome look on it. It is justified by the use of softly arched roofline and smoothly drawn profile design. The nose design looks interesting too for it does not use the same long design as in other car models. As for the engine, it has the best ones chosen for this sedan.

2017 cadillac xts review

The base engine chosen is 3.6-liter V6 with 6-speed automatic transmission to produce up to 305 horsepower. For its V-Sport, there is 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine under its hood to deliver 410 horsepower. They sure are great Cadillac XTS specifications to get. Well, you will still get lots of features in its interior, like surround-view cameras, adaptive cruise control, remote start, and more.

The Price Tagged On the Car Currently

Now, with those specifications in the car, how much do you think it is tagged for? You get handsome look, V8-like engine, to even various useful features. Not to mention, it also comes with popular luxury car brand on it. So, you might judge that this sedan car would be expensive to buy. Well, let us tell you Cadillac XTS price in USA then. You see, currently the price of this car starts from $45,295.

For the size of 4-door sedan, such price might be a bit expensive. However, after considering the specifications you get, the look it has, and the power it can produce to perform, the price is not going too far. It is still understandable even though people would have hoped for it to be lower. Regardless of that, it does not change the fact that this model is worth to buy. Cadillac is good manufacturer to get a car from. Those Cadillac XTS specifications are still good things to obtain too.

Description: Cadillac XTS specifications show that its 2017 model has good look, decent performance, great features, and quite reasonable price to consider.

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