Review on Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and Its Used Price

If you are wealthy people and are willing to spend much money to buy new car, why not consider of buying this exclusive car here. The car we are talking about here goes by the name Aston Martin DB7 Zagato. Indeed, this car was limitedly produced back in 2002 to 2003. However, you can still get the used one to buy. Not to mention, you will be able to cut your budget this way. Even it is expensive kind, it won’t hurt to get some reduced price, right?

Aston Martin DB7 Zagato Specs and Features

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Before even talking about the used price of this car, it is best to learn a thing or two about it first beforehand. DB7 Zagato was actually made to succeed its predecessor, Aston Martin V8 Zagato. DB7 Zagato comes as 2-door coupe with FR layout. From its category, this exclusive car belongs to grand tourer class. This car sure has sleek look on it. Even its exterior lines have friendly curve somehow.

Well, the use of curved lines rather than sharp ones has always been its own charm. As for the engine, you get better one compared to V8 Zagato model. Aston Martin DB7 Zagato runs with 6.0-liter V12 engine with 6-speed manual transmission after all. With that, this car’s top speed can reach up to 186 mph (299 km/h) and 0-60mph acceleration within 4.9 seconds. This car sure is great, right?

Aston Martin DB7 Zagato’s Used Price Today

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We are talking about exclusive car here. Even when it is something that was produced back in 2002-2003, it does not mean that it gets so much reduced price today. Remember that it was sold as limited edition even back in those times. It shows that this car model was valuable in its time. Aston Martin DB7 Zagato for sale today won’t be as cheap as you think even many years have passed.

Cars that were considered valuable in their time and are not produced again will still be regarded the same today. Of course, they are valuable as they are. So, don’t compare them to modern cars. Back then, the sale price of this car can go even up to $250,000. It is highly expensive. Today, the used price might just go around between $150,000 and $200,000. That is the price of exclusivity, indeed. Even so, Aston Martin DB7 Zagato is worth to pick.

Description: Aston Martin DB7 has its Zagato model that is exclusively meant for wealthy people. This classic car is still considered valuable even today.

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