Cadillac V16: Review on the Classic Model of 1938

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Most people might have liked modern cars. However, there are also people, who like classic cars, you see. Of all classic cars, have you ever heard of Cadillac V16 before? Did you know? This is the car that was first made back in 1938-1940. For people liking classic autos, Cadillac Sixteen has always been the center of attention. Don’t you want to know more about this car? It won’t hurt for it is worth to spend your time and give your attention to. Now, let’s just get started here below then.

The Body Designs of Cadillac V16

Yes, the look is still important to talk about here. Well, it is old-fashioned, indeed. But, don’t compare it to modern cars. Classic car is best to compare with its fellow classic kind. You can see how good it is this way after all. You see, this car is actually designed in 6 body styles; 2-door convertible, 4-door convertible, 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 4-door town car, and 4-door limousine.

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That being said, it is not like those styles look like the current modern coupe, sedan, or limousine cars. Cadillac V16’s look is still in its old fashion. It is big with square roofline, long hood, and round headlights to mention some. The color mix on its look is traditional too, like grey and brown, black and brown, etc. However, this is still cool car of its kind. It is not that bad to drive with on road today.

The Engine Used by Cadillac V16

Speaking about Cadillac V16’s engine, its 1938 model was actually made to introduce the new L-head V-16 engine. L-head is the design of the engine which signifies that the engine has flathead design. Also, the engine of Cadillac V16 1938 features various things needed to run the car with the engine. In this model, you get wider V-angle that is more than its predecessors. It is 135 degree, to be exact.

It is not only that. The features also include twin carburetors, twin fuel pumps, twin distributors, twin water pumps, and 9-main bearing crankshaft. With that engine, this car might have produced the same 185 horsepower with the later versions. However, this model’s engine offered better smoothness and the swiftest acceleration in the world at its time. It has its fuel economy improved a bit too. Thus, you can expect to get nice driving experience with this classic model of Cadillac V16.

Description: Cadillac V16 has its 1938 model that is still worth to consider for classic car lovers to obtain these days. It is the coolest in look and performance of its kind.

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