Audi RS6 2017 Spec Review: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Prices

how much is an audi rs6

Audi is one of the best car companies in the world. Their products are popular with the luxury cars. Every year they produce new car. One of the newest products is Audi RS6 2017. Are you curious about this new Audi car? If you are interested, you need to pay attention to the discussion below.

Audi RS6 2017 Exterior Design

Audi RS6 2017 review and price will be interesting to start from the exterior. You can see how amazing its look. This car comes with elegant headlights and fog lights. Besides that, it also offers attractive body lines. Then, it also adds plastic cladding to the side skirts and front lip for extra protection. In addition, it also extends the wheel arches. Overall the exterior is very impressive. That is why there are many people who are interested in this new Audi car.

Audi RS6 2017 Interior Design

Audi RS6 2017 Interior Design

Not only the exterior but the interior is also impressive. The interior of this Audi car is likely to be designed for not only on but also off roads. It can be seen from the seat leather that comes more rugged and thicker. Even more, Audi RS6 2017 also comes with rubberized floor mats located on the floor boards. Then, you can also enjoy infotainment system and other features applied on this car. So, you will be comfortable and enjoyable to drive this new Audi car. So, the designs are not disappointed.

Audi RS6 2017 Engine

It is always interesting to discuss about car engine because it relates to the performance. This car uses 4.0 liter and V8 engine. With this engine, it is able to provide up to 555 horsepower. Besides that, it also offers 518 pounds feet of torque. It shows that this Audi car is more than enough. Even more, the engine is combined with all 4 wheels so that the performance is optimized. In addition, it is transmitted to 8 speed transmission. Therefore, it is clear that the performance is amazing and satisfying. That is why it is recommended so much for you all.

Audi RS6 2017 Prices

This new Audi car comes with some models. Different modes have different prices. So, you have to choose the most appropriate one for you. For the base model, it is priced from about $ 119,220. For the higher model like RS6 Allroad, it is priced for about $ 133,207. Anyway, the prices are different from one country to another. It also depends on the dealer where you buy Audi RS6 2017.

Description: Audi RS6 2017 is one of the newest Audi cars. It is one of the best cars today with 555 horsepower, 518 pounds feet of torque, and good designs. Its price starts from about $ 119,220.

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