Aston Martin Cygnet Review Top Gear and Its Original, Toyota iQ

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You should not limit your knowledge to modern cars only. If you look up to classic cars, there are various kinds that are just great to consider even now, especially for classic car lovers. Among those classic cars, there is one called Aston Martin Cygnet. This car was produced back in 2009 to 2013 only in Europe. Let’s learn more about this car here in this Aston Martin Cygnet review top gear. It is one nice car even with every classic attribute it has.

The Rebadged Variant, Aston Martin Cygnet

You see, Aston Martin Cygnet is actually the rebadged variant of Toyota/Scion iQ. Its body design is not that much different from its original. It comes as 3-door hatchback with FF layout. From its category, it is city car class. Looking at it at your first glance will get you the impression of really compact and simple city car. It has short hood with sideways noses and curved roofline at front.

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Meanwhile, its back has a bit sharper lines. Well, it is hatchback after all. Coming with silver exterior, we would say in this Aston Martin Cygnet review top gear that this car is surprisingly different in its interior. It has black and red color scheme inside which signifies the revision on its interior. Running with 1.3-liter inline-4 engine, this car can produce 110g of Co2/km with 58.9mpg of fuel consumption.

The Original City Car of Cygnet, Toyota iQ

Yes, Aston Martin Cygnet is one rebadged from its original that is known as Toyota iQ. Of course, both shares similar specifications. However, when discussing about Aston Martin Cygnet VS Toyota iQ, we would point out what could be different between them. Both might have the same body and chassis, but Toyota iQ has smaller griller and bigger noses. Its exterior is also introduced in white too.

Of course, even its interior is different. To be honest, Toyota iQ has more classic design in its cabin. Even the color scheme used looks classic, with color choices of black and brown. As for the engine, it has 1.0-liter I3, 1.3-liter petrol I4, and 1.4-liter diesel I4 offered as your options. There are also 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, and CVT transmissions to choose too. This Aston Martin Cygnet review top gear shows enough how nice this car is even with all classic things it is produced with.

Description: Aston Martin Cygnet review top gear gives enough insight that classic car can still look interesting even today. It is actually well designed enough.

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