2017 Honda Clarity Review, Price and Specs

2017 Honda Clarity Review

The 2017 Honda Clarity is a mid-size 4-door sedan that includes distinct powertrains, each of them 0-emssion.

The first to reach, in December 2016, become the Clarity Fuel Cell, which is powered by means of a hydrogen fuel cellular that feeds pure hydrogen, saved within the vehicle’s excessive-pressure tanks, right into a gasoline mobile that mixes with air to supply power and pure water. The energy powers a motor that drives the front wheels. It doesn’t want to be plugged in to charge a battery; alternatively, the driver wishes to fill up it with excessive-stress hydrogen at a specialized (and highly-priced) station—of which there are best about 30 at this factor. The Clarity went on sale in December 2016, however is offered most effective in components of California wherein hydrogen stations are to be had. It comes in just one trim stage, however is properly-geared up for a mid-size sedan.

The 2nd version, the 2017 Honda Clarity Electric, will go on sale in spring 2017, and is powered by the identical electric motor. Its power comes from a lithium-ion battery p.C. That can be plugged into both household present day or a 240-volt Level 2 charging station to recharge it. While a few technical information have not been launched, Honda says the battery range can be “about 80 miles.” That puts the electrical Clarity at a sizeable downside against smaller electric powered vehicles get more suitable degrees of 100 to one hundred twenty five miles, now not to mention the Chevrolet Bolt EV with its 238-mile score.

Both variations of the Clarity will initially be very low-volume, rent-best models supplied solely in California. The electric model will price approximately $35,000, while the hydrogen model begins at extra than $50,000—though Honda throws in three years’ well worth of unfastened hydrogen with that one. Still, Clarity sightings this yr are likely to be as rare as the ones of amazing supercar fashions. (Next year, the pair can be joined by using a better-volume sibling, the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, with an all-electric powered variety projected at 42 miles or higher.)

We fee the 2017 Honda Clarity lineup at 6.Zero out of 10, despite the fact that that quantity would not include a protection score as it hasn’t been rated for crash safety by the NHTSA or IIHS and probable may not be. It wins for a relaxed indoors and quiet journey, but loses factors for unusual outside lines that do not quite come together and use it truly is constrained simplest to California.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is the state-of-the-art in a protracted line of gasoline-cellular automobiles Honda has built due to the fact 1999, all of them released handiest in handfuls. It succeeds the FCX Clarity, any other hydrogen sedan version of which about 60 were leased inside the U.S. From 2008 to 2014. Its competitors are the Toyota Mirai sedan and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell—each provided in similarly restricted regions, despite the fact that Toyota plans to supply up to 3,000 of its Mirai gasoline-cell fashions each 12 months. Honda plans to offer simplest a small fraction of that. The Clarity Electric follows 1,one hundred Honda Fit EVs hatchbacks leased from 2012 thru 2014, a number of them now re-leased to their drivers for a 2d time.

We spent an afternoon and extra than 80 miles in a Clarity Fuel Cell sedan out of doors Santa Barbara, California, in March 2017, consisting of a quick gas top-off at that metropolis’s one hydrogen station. Once you find a filling station of the right stress and communications interface, the Clarity Fuel Cell may be refilled in about three minutes. We haven’t yet driven a Clarity Electric.

Styling and design

The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is ready the same length as the Honda Accord mid-length sedan, however it appears extraordinarily exceptional. The form seems to were created from equal components of 3 departed fashions: the previous Clarity FCX sedan, the Honda Insight hybrid hatchback, and the Honda Accord Crosstour fastback application automobile.

The outdoors lines are challenged for flattering angles, and in profile, the Clarity appears portly on the rear fenders. Its bulk is barely disguised by using a black roof, which draws the eye lower. The excessive-tailed “kammback” layout can be acquainted to individuals who follow excessive-efficiency green automobiles; the rakish fastback profile has a bit of a boost, with a prominent lip spoiler on the tail.

The greenhouse also tapers on the rear to useful resource aerodynamics—that’s partly guilty for the peculiar rear-fender contouring. The Clarity consists of light-weight aerodynamic wheels, underbody aero panels and—due to the more difficult sightlines that the upkick in back introduces—an extra rear window in the trunk lid to help with rear visibility.

Inside, the Clarity’s passenger space is split into 4 areas, one for every occupant, with the tunnel growing dividing the cabin down the center. A small shifter allows smooth fingertip selection of ahead, opposite, impartial, or park modes through a shift-through-twine system. The sprint itself is right in keeping with different modern-day Honda fashions, despite the fact that the tool panel itself gives a greater futuristic, electricity-centered layout, and trims and door handles do provide a futuristic departure from Honda’s other production fashions.

Performance and efficiency

At a simple degree, the Clarity Fuel Cell is powered with the aid of an electric powered motor, rated at 174 horsepower and 221 pound-toes of torque, that drives the the front wheels. The power that powers it comes from a gas cellular underneath the hood, with a small lithium-ion battery % below the the front seats can offer brought electricity while sudden acceleration is needed.

The 2017 Honda Clarity makes use of Honda’s ultra-modern generation of its so-called V Flow gasoline-cell stack. It’s smaller however extra powerful, and Honda notes that its whole device—gas-mobile stack, electricity electronics, and force motor—fits beneath the hood inside the identical space as a conventional V-6 drivetrain. The gas cell runs maximum of the time that the automobile is moving; the battery p.C. Also recaptures power from braking, or unused power created through the gasoline mobile, and stores it for destiny use when wished for efficiency or sudden energy.

2017 Honda Clarity Review, price

The Clarity uses a complicated double-wishbone suspension and its turning radius is just 17.7 feet. Behind the wheel, it drives hopefully and holds the street better than a few different mid-size sedans. Honda says its acceleration and performance are more or less those of a 2.4-liter four-cylinder fuel automobile of the identical length. Our difficult estimate for 0-to-60-mph acceleration became nine.2 seconds, on a par with mass-marketplace electric motors (although no longer, possibly, the mid-length luxury sedans on the Clarity’s fee of more than $50,000). The one sadness is that while the Clarity drives like an electric powered vehicle, its off-the-line performance is more measured as it can not pull most current from its small battery, and the gasoline mobile prefers to function at a regular output.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is EPA-rated at 365 miles of range from its five.5 gallons of noticeably compressed hydrogen. That’s higher than the Mirai’s 312 miles and the Tucson Fuel Cell’s 265-mile score, as well as better than any Tesla model now on sale. With active using, however, we discovered the automobile will show you a range in the direction of 250 miles—higher than most electric cars, however less astounding than its rated 365 miles.

In basic electricity efficiency, Honda claims that the gasoline-cell Clarity is two times as efficient as a compact hybrid fuel-electric vehicle. California calls for one-1/3 of hydrogen gasoline to be produced using renewable electricity, however surely all hydrogen fuel today is crafted from natural gasoline, producing carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The Clarity Electric, a natural battery-electric powered automobile charged from the grid, is still greater power-green in truly all cases.

Comfort and software

The Clarity gives comfortable seating for 4 adults, and we might liken the riding function to be just like that of the present day Accord. The driving force’s seat is energy adjustable in lots of directions, although the front passenger seat does not alter for peak. It’s a little tight on rear head room for taller adults, however rear legroom is right, as you’ll count on in a big sedan.

Honda indicates the cabin is elegant yet futuristic; it includes a few great materials no longer typically observed in mid-length sedans from quantity manufacturers, including a nice beige suede-like cloth on the dash floor. The interior is made from a plant-derived Honda Bio-Fabric. There are drink holders for each occupant, as well as diverse trays and storage cubbies—inclusive of doorways wallet and center-console space—and there’s beneath-trunk storage.

The trunk itself is eleven.1 cubic ft—small, though probably ok for a beneficiant run to the grocery store. Honda notes the trunk can take four units of golfing clubs, suitable for a foursome occupying all the seating spots. One of the motives for the very high trunk line changed into to provide good enough trunk quantity at the back of the intrusion of a big armored cylinder set crosswise at the back of the rear seat that holds hydrogen fuel at pressures of 10,000 psi.

The electricity records display in the Clarity consists of a 3-dimensional display with meters for hydrogen intake (a ball-fashioned gauge), battery tiers, motor output, and journey and performance records. Those few screens and the tiny shifter aside, but, one of the Clarity’s advantages over the other hydrogen-powered automobiles in the marketplace is that it’s quiet sufficient to be improper for an all-electric powered automobile. Honda’s controlled to muffle the pumps, compressors, and other hardware that are once in a while audible in Toyota’s Mirai. An electric powered-automobile motive force might not realize from inside the cabin that the Clarity Fuel Cell failed to plug in—and that’s a compliment.

Safety and functions

Safety features measure up entirely to the ones in other sedans with state-of-the-art era. As nicely as the standard complement of airbags, the Clarity Fuel Cell comes popular with a rearview digital camera, adaptive cruise manipulate, forward collision caution and automatic emergency braking, and active lane control. The excessive-pressure armored hydrogen tanks have been drastically crash-tested to ensure that even as the car can also crumple round them, they’ll live intact.

As in any huge sedan with a tail this high, rear three-zone visibility isn’t good. But in spite of the very excessive and slanted rear window, rear visibility thru the mirror is better than you’d anticipate, because of a window within the panel among the tops of the 2 rear seats and a corresponding window inside the trunk lid. This gives a -component rear view, with the decrease half being via the top of the trunk compartment, however it really works.

There’s most effective a single trim degree for either Clarity version, reflecting its probable very low sales extent. The Fuel Cell model comes widespread with all-LED lights, twin-quarter weather manipulate, energy-adjustable heated the front seats, a head-up show for speed and other records, and an eight.0-inch touchscreen audio device that includes Bluetooth pairing, together with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, amongst different capabilities.

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